What Is Rock the Tarmac?

Rock the Tarmac is the biggest concert in Southern Tier New York! It is in fact held at our local airport, right out on the Tarmac. Just as you would expect at a concert there will be rocking live music from awesome bands, as well as vendors and booths set up where you can purchase band merch and food. Last year was our second time doing an event like this and it was a blast! A crowd of nearly 2,000 people gathered at the concert and this year will be bigger and better than ever. This is one summer event you do not want to miss!

How Did We Get Started?

“Behold the power of facebook.” In April of 2014 YFC replied to a post from Christian rock group, Seventh Day Slumber. The post was to inform whomever wanted to reply that they had dates open for shows and anyone interested should contact them so…we did. After several failed attempts to lock in a venue to hold this concert in town we turned to a most unlikely location, the Wellsville Municipal Airport. It was then that this concert turned into the music festival now known as ROCK THE TARMAC.

Why Do We Do Rock the Tarmac?

Our goal is to bring top level bands and speakers to Allegany County who will, through their lyrics and actions, speak hope into the lives of those who attend. In the words of our director, “Rock the Tarmac speaks to the people, not at the people.”